should you buy a home warranty


If you have a large emergency fund, you may not need to buy a warranty, especially if you can cover the repairs. However, many first time home buyers exhaust most of their savings buying their homes. When money is tight, a home warranty can be a good idea.

Your home insurance policy is not a home warranty, Whether you are a first time home buyer, moving into your second or third home, a new condo or even you are selling your home, you may want to learn about the advantages of a home warranty to help you decide if you should purchase one in addition to your home insurance.

You can typically break down the annual cost into more manageable monthly payments, but the cost of the warranty itself isn’t the only thing you’re responsible for paying. Most home warranties include either a service call fee or a deductible, so it’s important to consider those factors in addition to the home warranty plan itself.

"Home warranty deductible, or service call fees, is an important concept to master if you want to understand how to find the cheapest home warranty plans for your needs," said Review Home Warranties. With most home warranties, a deductible or service call fee will be required, "with an industry average of approximately $75 per visit.

When buying a newly constructed home, you probably don’t need a home warranty. Many states require the builder to repair defects in materials and workmanship for a few years – typically two to 10 years. And the new appliances in those new homes are almost always protected by one-year warranties.

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You can buy a home warranty when you purchase the house or anytime thereafter. Sellers often include them to allay a buyer’s concern about incurring unexpected maintenance costs.

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