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 · The United States spent close to the average percentage of GDP on elementary/secondary education for OECD countries at 3.5%. Fifteen other countries also spent more than the average of OECD.

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The U.S. spending estimate includes money spent by public sources, such as federally guaranteed student loans. The United States spent close to the average percentage of GDP on elementary/secondary.

Although student loans in America started in 1840, it was not until the past couple of decades when bloated interest rates and other predatory practices incited serious fiscal issues on the national level. Even if the start dates and policies differ, other nations seem to have experienced unfortunate increases over time as well. United States

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In cases where substantial amounts are held by other countries, those countries are typically not in debt themselves (e.g. China has huge holdings of US Treasuries). If the debts were all cancelled, then the holders of the debt (as listed above) would lose out badly and the knock-on effects on the economy would be substantial.

Student debt is not unique to the United States, but financial aid systems vary around the world. Student debt is not unique to the United States, but financial aid systems vary around the world..

(Most Australian and New Zealand citizens qualify for this support.) Australians shoulder a similar student loan burden to the other English-speaking countries on this list: an average of AUD $30,000 (US $22,000) per borrower. The country uses a three-tier educational cost-sharing system for undergraduate study.

Its economy grew 10% annually for the three decades before the recession. As of 2018, it’s growing at almost 7%, a more sustainable rate. china has become the largest economy in the world, outpacing the United States and the European Union. China also became the world’s biggest exporter in 2010.

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