Where Is My Dd214

In most cases we can provide you with Official Copies of your United States Army DD214 within 7 business days. If you choose our Express Service the hard copies will be shipped via USPS First-Class Mail directly to the physical address you provided when you ordered.

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Requesting a Copy of Your DD Form 214. A DD Form 214 (Certificate of Release or Discharge from Active Duty) is generally issued when a service member performs active duty or at least 90 consecutive days of active duty training. The Report of Separation contains information normally needed to verify military service for benefits, retirement.

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Get both your DD214 and Veterans ID Card Combo! NOTE: The VetRecs Card is for U.S. Military Veterans only. If you are not a veteran, you do not have a *real* DD-214, and therefore you cannot and will not be able to use a VetRecs Card in order to obtain military benefits or otherwise prove your military service.

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 · My DD214 is incorrect and I did not sign it. My DD214 states that I received a dental eval prior to separation, but I did not, and I was denied for compensation due to a dental abscess left during service, and no one made me aware I had the abscess, then 3 years later I end up have all of my front teeth removed from an oral surgeon who confirmed this was due to prior dental that needed to be.

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I Need a Copy of My DD214 – What Do I Do Now? There is often no easy way to retrieve government documents. If you lost, misplaced, or need a new copy of your DD Form 214, you may be concerned about the road to retrieval you are about to embark on-particularly if time is limited.

Simply showing a DD214 and/or a veteran’s ID card doesn’t do it, since the forgeries in the market place are very good, and abound. Leave it to private enterprise to provide a solution! Here’s a good article on the issues, and the solution. How to Carry and Store Your DD-214, or, The Problem with Veteran ID Cards and a Look at Realistic Solutions

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